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an iPhone client for the OSU
Transportation Route Information Program
by Aaron Griffith


OSU Bus is free and open-source, under the GNU GPL v2. I’m a very strong believer in free software, and though free-from-cost is only a small part of that, I couldn’t in good conscience release this as a for-pay app. However, there is some cost associated with the development of OSU Bus. This server hosts not just the website you are reading, but also updates to the local cache database that OSU Bus uses — web hosting costs money. Just developing applications for the iPhone incurs a $100 annual fee to be part of Apple’s developer program.

If you’ve used OSU Bus, and you like it, consider donating the few bucks you would have spent on it. It’s a great morale booster for me, and donating is a great way to get my attention if there’s a feature you want in the next version.

You can donate either directly by clicking the buttons below (either via PayPal or Bitcoin), or you can read my spiel on my website.

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